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PositionAssociate Professor
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  • 2008/03
  • 2011/03

Campus Career

  • 2015/03-2020/02, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor
  • 2020/03-, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
  • Educational Activities


    • Laboratory Work in Basic Physics
    • Laboratory Work in Basic Physics
    • Hierarchical Structure Formation
    • Fibrous Structure and Properties of Polymeric Materials



    Research Activities

    Association Memberships

      The Society of Polymer Science, Japan, The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan, The Physical Society of Japan, Japan Society for Simulation Technology


    • Structural change of damaged polyethylene by beta-decay of substituted tritium using reactive force field
      Author : Haolun Li, Susumu Fujiwara, Hiroaki Nakamura, Tomoko Mizuguchi, Ayako Nakata, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki and Shinji Saito
      Journal : Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
      Publication Date : 2021/01
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 60, SAAB06
    • Icosahedral order in liquid and glassy phases of cyclohexane
      Author : T. Mizuguchi, S. Tatsumi, and S. Fujiwara
      Journal : Molecular Simulation
      Publication Date : 2020/06
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 46(10), p. 721-726
    • Molecular dynamics study on DNA damage by tritium disintegration
      Author : H. Nakamura, H. Miyanishi, T. Yasunaga, S. Fujiwara, T. Mizuguchi, A. Nakata, T. Miyazaki, T. Otsuka, T. Kenmotsu, Y. Hatano and S. Saito
      Journal : Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
      Publication Date : 2020/01
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 59, SAAE01
    • Hydrogen bond analysis of confined water in mesoporous silica using the reactive force field
      Author : T. Mizuguchi, K. Hagita, S. Fujiwara, and T. Yamada
      Journal : Molecular Simulation
      Publication Date : 2019/09
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 45, Issue 17, Pages 1437-1446
    • Structural Change of Tritium-substituted Polymeric Materials By Beta Decays: A Molecular Dynamics Study
      Author : L. Haolun, S. Fujiwara, H. Nakamura, T. Mizuguchi, T. Yasunaga, A. Nakata, T. Miyazaki, T. Otsuka, T. Kenmotsu, Y. Hatano, and S. Saito
      Journal : Plasma Fusion Research
      Publication Date : 2019/08
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 14, 3401106
    • Cavitation in Thin Film of Amorphous Polymers from the Static Melt Induced by Thermal Treatment
      Author : M. Hashimoto, S. Fujiwara, N. Lin, A. Doi, N. Katayama, J. Ootani, and T. Mizuguchi
      Journal : Polymer Journal
      Publication Date : 2019/06
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 51, pp.569-577
    • Computational strategy for studying structural change of tritium-substituted macromolecules by a beta decay to helium-3
      Author : S. Fujiwara, H. Nakamura, H. Li, H. Miyanishi, T. Mizuguchi, T. Yasunaga, T. Otsuka, Y. Hatano, S. Saito
      Journal : Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering
      Publication Date : 2019/03
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 6 (1), p. 94-99
    • Dissipative particle dynamics simulation for self-assembly of symmetric bolaamphiphilic molecules in a solution
      Author : S. Fujiwara, Y. Iida, T. Tsutsui, T. Mizuguchi, M. Hashimoto, Y. Tamura, and H. Nakamura
      Journal : Plasma and Fusion Research
      Publication Date : 2018/07
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 13, 3401095
    • Free-Energy Analysis of Peptide Binding in Lipid Membrane Using All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulation Combined with Theory of Solutions
      Author : T. Mizuguchi and N. Matubayasi
      Journal : The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
      Publication Date : 2018/04
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 122, pp.3219-3229
    • Crystallization tendencies of modelled Lennard-Jones liquids with different attractions
      Author : L.-C. Valdes, J. Gerges, T. Mizuguchi, and F. Affouard
      Journal : The Journal of Chemical Physics
      Publication Date : 2018/01
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 148, 014501
    • Protein-ligand binding affinity calculation by replica exchange thermodynamic integration
      Author : Osamu Takarada, Osamu Ichikawa, Kazuto Yamazaki, Kazushi Fujimoto, Tomoko Mizuguchi, Atsushi Yamada, Susumu Okazaki
      Journal : HPCI Research Report
      Publication Date : 2017/12
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol.2, p.53-59
    • Critical nucleus size for crystallization of supercooled liquids in two dimensions
      Author : Tomoko Mizuguchi, Yuki Higeta, and Takashi Odagaki
      Journal : Physical Review E
      Publication Date : 2017/04
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 95, 042804
    • Molecular dynamics study of new phase transition in supercooled cyclohexane
      Author : T. Mizuguchi, S. Tatsumi, and S. Fujiwara
      Journal : Proceedings of JSST 2016 - International Conference on Simulation Technology
      Publication Date : 2016/10
      Volume,Number,Page : p.41-48
    • Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation of Self-Assembly in a Bolaamphiphilic Solution
      Author : Susumu Fujiwara, Yu Takahashi, Hiroki Ikebe, Tomoko Mizuguchi, Masato Hashimoto, Yuichi Tamura, Hiroaki Nakamura, and Ritoku Horiuchi
      Journal : Plasma and Fusion Research
      Publication Date : 2016/06
      Volume,Number,Page : vol. 11, 2401073
    • Effect of diffuseness of micelle boundary on the solute distribution upon solubilization
      Author : Tomoko Mizuguchi, Ryosuke Ishizuka, Nobuyuki Matubayasi
      Journal : Chemical Physics Letter
      Publication Date : 2015/02
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 624, Pages 19-23
    • Dynamics of Vitrification and Crystallization in a Two-dimensional Monatomic System
      Author : Tomoko Mizuguchi, Takashi Odagaki
      Journal : Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
      Publication Date : 2012/01
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 81, 024601
    • Vitrification of a 2D monatomic simple liquid
      Author : Tomoko Mizuguchi, Takashi Odagaki
      Journal : Central European Journal of Physics
      Publication Date : 2009/07
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 7, Pages 479-482
    • Glass formation and crystallization of a simple monatomic liquid
      Author : Tomoko Mizuguchi, Takashi Odagaki
      Journal : Physical Review E
      Publication Date : 2009/05
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 79, 051501
    • Glass Transition in a Spherical Monatomic Liquid
      Author : Tomoko Mizuguchi, Takashi Odagaki, Masahiro Umezaki, Takehiro Koumyou, Jun Matsui
      Journal : AIP Conference Proceedings
      Publication Date : 2008/02
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 982, Pages 234-237

    Books etc

    • Effect of Diffuseness of Micelle Boundary on the Solute Bound to Micelle
      Author : Tomoko Mizuguchi, Nobuyuki Matubayasi
      Publisher : The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan
      Publication Date : 2016/05


    2016/10Outstanding Presentation AwardJapan Society for Simulation Technology

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