FacultyMolecular Chemistry and Engineering
PositionAssociate Professor
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  • 1994/03
  • 1998/01

Campus Career

  • 1997/10-2007/03, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Research Associate
  • 2007/04-2008/02, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor
  • 2008/03-, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
  • Educational Activities


    • Exercise in Organic Chemistry
    • Organic Reactions
    • Design of Separation Materials
    • Science of materials for separation



    Research Activities

    Research Field


    • Study of a monolithic silica capillary column coated with poly(octadecyl methacrylate) for the reversed-phase liquid chromatographic separation of some polar and non-polar compounds
      Author : Nobuo Tanaka, Tohru Ikegami, Kosuke Miyamoto, Oscar Nunez
      Journal : J. Chromatogr. A, 1175, 7-15 (2007).
      Publication Date : 2007/12
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 1175, 7-15 (2007).
    • Highly efficient monolithic silica capillary columns modified with poly(acrylic acid) for hydrophilic interaction chromatography.
      Author : K. Horie, T. Ikegami, K. Hosoya, N. Saad, N. Tanaka
      Journal : J. Chromatogr. A, 1164, 198-205 (2007).
      Publication Date : 2007/09
      Volume,Number,Page : Vol. 1164, 198-205 (2007).
    • Performance of monolithic silica capillary columns with increased phase ratios and small-sized domains
      Author : Takeshi Hara, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Tohru Ikegami, Kazuki Nakanishi, Nobuo Tanaka
      Journal : Analytical Chemistry
      Publication Date : 2006/12
      Volume,Number,Page : In press
    • HILIC mode separation of polar compounds by monolithic silica capillary columns coated with polyacrylamide
      Author : Tohru Ikegami, Hiroshi Fujita, Kanta Horie, Ken Hosoya, Nobuo Tanaka
      Journal : Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
      Publication Date : 2006/10
      Volume,Number,Page : In printing
    • An improved endcapping method of monolithic silica columns
      Author : Yang Chun, Tohru Ikegami, Takeshi Hara, Nobuo Tanaka
      Journal : J. Chromatogr. A
      Publication Date : 2006/10
      Volume,Number,Page : In press
    • Faster axial band dispersion in a monolithic silica column than in a particle-packed column
      Author : Kobayashi, Hiroshi, Tokuda, Daisuke, Ichimaru, Jun, Ikegami, Tohru, Miyabe, Kanji, Tanaka, Nobuo
      Journal : Journal of Chromatography, A
      Publication Date : 2006/03
      Volume,Number,Page : 1109(1), 2-9
    • Two-dimensional reversed-phase liquid chromatography using two monolithic silica C18 columns and different mobile phase modifiers in the two dimensions
      Author : Ikegami, Tohru, Hara, Takeshi, Kimura, Hiroshi, Kobayashi, Hiroshi, Hosoya, Ken, Karin Cabrera, Tanaka, Nobuo
      Journal : Journal of Chromatography, A
      Publication Date : 2006/02
      Volume,Number,Page : 1106(1-2), 112-117
    • An application of silica-based monolithic membrane emulsification technique for easy and efficient preparation of uniformly sized polymer particles
      Author : Ken Hosoya, Mitsuko Bendo, Nobuo Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Watabe, Tohru Ikegami, Hiroyoshi Minakuchi, Kazuki Nakanishi
      Journal : Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
      Publication Date : 2005/08
      Volume,Number,Page : 290(8), 753-758
    • Silica monolithic membrane as separation medium. Summable property of different membranes for high-performance liquid chromatographic separation
      Author : Ken Hosoya, Tomoyuki Ogata, Yoshiyuki Watabe, Takuya Kubo, Tohru Ikegami, Nobuo Tanaka, Hiroyoshi Minakuchi, Kazuki Nakanishi
      Journal : Journal of Chromatography, A
      Publication Date : 2005/03
      Volume,Number,Page : 1073(1-2), 123-126
    • Photophysical properties of a carbazolyl mesogen of 8PCzC as revealed by absorption, fluorescence, and transient absorption measurements
      Author : Irie, Kentaro; Machida, Shinjiro; Ikegami, Tohru; Tanaka, Nobuo; Miyasaka, Hiroshi; Shimizu, Yo; *Itaya, Akira
      Journal : Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences
      Publication Date : 2005/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 4(1), pp 128-134
    • A molecular recognition strategy towards tetra-chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, TCDDs
      Author : Hosoya, Ken, Watabe, Yoshiyuk, Ikegami, Tohru, Tanaka, Nobuo, Kubo, Takuya, Sano, Tomoharu, Kaya, Kunimitsu
      Journal : Biosensors & Bioelectronics
      Publication Date : 2004/12
      Volume,Number,Page : 20(6), 1185-1189
    • Polymer-based adsorption medium prepared using a fragment imprinting technique for homologues of chlorinated bisphenol A produced in the environment.
      Author : Kubo Takuya, Hosoya Ken, Watabe, Yoshiyuki, Ikegami Tohru, Tanaka, Nobuo, Sano Tomoharu, Kaya Kunimitsu
      Journal : J. Chromatogr. A
      Publication Date : 2004/03
      Volume,Number,Page : 1029 (1-2), 37?41.
    • Simple 2D-HPLC using a monolithic silica column for peptide separation
      Author : H. Kimura, T. Tanigawa, H. Morisaka, T. Ikegami, K. Hosoya, N. Ishizuka, H. Minakuchi, K. Nakanishi, M. Ueda, K. Cabrera, *N. Tanaka
      Journal : J. Separation Science
      Publication Date : 2004/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 27, pp 897?904
    • Chromatographic Properties of Monolithic Silica Capillary Columns for Polar and Nonpolar Compounds in Reversed-Phase HPLC
      Author : H. Kobayashi, W. Kajiwara, Y. Inui, T. Hara, K. Hosoya, T. Ikegami, *N. Tanaka
      Journal : Chromatographia
      Publication Date : 2004/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 60, S19-S25
    • Simple and comprehensive two-dimensional reversed-phase HPLC using monolithic silica columns
      Author : Tanaka, Nobuo; Kimura, Hiroshi; Tokuda, Daisuke; Hosoya, Ken; Ikegami, Tohru; Ishizuka, Norio; Minakuchi, Hiroyoshi; Nakanishi, Kazuki; Shintani, Yukihiro; Furuno, Masahiro; Cabrera, Karin
      Journal : Analytical Chemistry
      Publication Date : 2004/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 76(5), pp1273-1281
    • Deuterium Isotope Effects on Hydrophobic Interactions. The Importance of Dispersion Interactions in the Hydrophobic Phase
      Author : M. Turowski, N. Yamakawa, J. Meller, K. Kimata, T. Ikegami, K. Hosoya, *N. Tanaka, E. R. Thornton
      Journal : J. Am. Chem. Soc.
      Publication Date : 2003/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 125, 13836-13849.
    • Monolithic silica columns for high-efficiency chromatographic separations
      Author : *N. Tanaka, H. Kobayashi, N. Ishizuka, H. Minakuchi, K. Nakanishi, K. Hosoya, T. Ikegami,
      Journal : J. Chromatogr. A,
      Publication Date : 2002/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 965, 35-49
    • Capillary electrochromatography on monolithic silica columns
      Author : Kobayashi, Hiroshi; Smith, Chris; Hosoya, Ken; Ikegami, Tohru; *Tanaka, Nobuo
      Journal : Analytical Sciences
      Publication Date : 2002/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 18(1), pp 89-92
    • Monolithic silica columns with various skeleton size and through-pore size for capillary liquid chromatography
      Author : M. Motokawa, H. Kobayashi, N. Ishizuka, H. Minakuchi, K. Nakanishi, H. Jinnai, K. Hosoya, T. Ikegami, *N. Tanaka
      Journal : J. Chromatography A
      Publication Date : 2002/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 961, pp53?63
    • Selectivity of Stationary Phases in Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography Based on the Dispersion Interactions
      Author : *M. Turowski, T. Morimoto, K. Kimata, H. Monde, T. Ikegami, K. Hosoya, N. Tanaka
      Journal : J. Chromatography A
      Publication Date : 2001/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 911, pp 177?190
    • Mololithic silica columns for HPLC, Micro-HPLC, and CEC
      Author : *N. Tanaka, H. Nagayama, H. Kobayashi, T. Ikegami, K. Hosoya, N. Ishizuka, H. Minakuchi, K. Nakanishi, K. Cabrera, D. Lubda
      Journal : J. High Resol. Chromatgr.
      Publication Date : 2000/00
      Volume,Number,Page : 23, pp111?116
    • High-performance liquid chromatographic separation of 8-aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid labeled N-glycans using a functional tetrazole hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography column.
      Author : Yamamoto, Sachio; Kinoshita, Mitsuhiro; Ikegami, Toru; Suzuki, Shigeo
      Journal : Journal of Chromatography A
      Publication Date : 2018/06
      Volume,Number,Page : 1556, 44-50.
    • Method optimization of hydrophilic interaction chromatography separation of nucleotides using design of experiment approaches I: Comparison of several zwitterionic columns
      Author : Arase, Shuntaro; Kimura, Susumu; Ikegami, Tohru
      Journal : Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
      Publication Date : 2018/09
      Volume,Number,Page : 158, 307-316
    • Retention characteristics of poly(N-(1H-tetrazole-5-yl)-methacrylamide)-bonded stationary phase in hydrophilic interaction chromatography
      Author : Xiaoqing Fu, Malgorzata Cebo, Tohru Ikegami, Michael Lämmerhofer
      Journal : Journal of Chromatography A
      Publication Date : 2019/08
    • A selective comprehensive reversed-phase×reversed-phase 2D-liquid chromatography approach with multiple complementary detectors as advanced generic method for the quality control of synthetic and ther
      Author : Karongo, R., Ikegami, T., Stoll, D.R., Lämmerhofer, M.
      Journal : Journal of Chromatography A
      Publication Date : 2020/09
      Volume,Number,Page : 1627, 461430
    • Functionalization using polymer or silane? A practical test method to characterize hydrophilic interaction chromatography phases in terms of their functionalization method
      Author : T. Ikegami, A. Taniguch, T. Okada, K. Horie, S. Arasea, Y. Ikegami
      Journal : Journal of Chromatography A
      Publication Date : 2021/02
      Volume,Number,Page : 1638, 461850

    Books etc

    • Bismuth Compounds
      Author : Hitomi Suzuki, Tohru Ikegami
      Publisher : Thieme, Houben-Weyl, Science of Synthesis
      Publication Date : 2003
    • Isotopic Separations Indicating the Efficiency and Selectivity of HPLC Columns and Stationary Phases
      Author : K. Kimata, E. Kanao, T. Kubo, K.i Kozuki, T. Ikegami, M. Furuno, K. Otsuka, N. Tanaka
      Publisher : Taylor & Francis
      Publication Date : 2020/08
    • 分析系の小型化による省溶媒化
      Author : T. Ikegami
      Publisher : 環境科学センター
      Publication Date : 2021/01

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