MINE Takuya

FacultyArts and Sciences
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  • 2005/04-2007/03, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
  • 2007/04-2017/12, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
  • 2018/01-, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Professor


    Bachelor:Introduction to Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics for Application, People, Nature, and Mathematics α, Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra Ⅰ, Exercises in Mathematics, Advanced, Mathematical Statistics, People, Nature, and Mathematics α
    Master:Seminar on analysis, Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, Mathematical Sciences II, Seminar on analysis, Mathematical Sciences II, Exercises in Mathematics, Advanced
    Doctor:Studies in Applied Analysis, Studies in Applied Analysis

Research Activities


  • Schroedinger Operators with Random delta Magnetic Fields
    Author : Takuya MINE and Yuji NOMURA
    Journal : Annales Henri Poincare Online First
    Publication Date : 2017/02
  • Solvable models in two-solenoidal Aharonov-Bohm magnetic fields on the Euclidean plane
    Author : 峯 拓矢
    Journal : RIMS kokyuroku Bessatsu
    Publication Date : 2014/04
    Volume,Number,Page : B45, 45-68
  • Landau levels on the hyperbolic plane in the presence of Aharonov-Bohm fields
    Author : Takuya Mine, Yuji Nomura
    Journal : Journal of Functional Analysis
    Publication Date : 2012/09
    Volume,Number,Page : Volume 263, Issue 6, 1701-1743
  • Periodic Aharonov-Bohm solednoids in a constant magnetic field
    Author : Takuya MINE, Yuji NOMURA
    Journal : Reviews in Mathematical Physics
    Publication Date : 2006/09
    Volume,Number,Page : No. 8, 913-934
  • The Aharonov-Bohm Solenoids in a Constant Magnetic Field
    Author : Takuya MINE
    Journal : Annales Henri Poincare 6
    Publication Date : 2005/02
    Volume,Number,Page : 1 , 125-154.

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